Just Physic


George O’Malley recently engaged  and his two colleagues Brian and Mark junior executives for an organic food company located in New York City are out celebrating, Marks’s promotion to Regional Manager. After a late evening of drinks and dancing they decide to head home. Before the three friends enter the subway Brian notices a Psychic Boutique boasting of palm readings and future predictions. He encourages George and Mark to get readings since all are about to have major life changes.  George and Mark are humored by Brian’s suggestion but try to avoid the Psychic Boutique. However Brian’s persuasive communication skills convince the others it would be an amusing experience.

Once inside the psychic’s shop they find themselves confronted by a powerful psychic, Luna, and her two sisters, Joy and Rachel.  Luna beckons the men to sit as she prepares to give them each a reading.  Brian and Mark make light of their readings and while skeptical they agree that Luna is very accurate.

George is next. At first George fights the idea of the reading, however once Luna and George’s eyes lock a physic connection is made.  George is slowly drawn in by Luna. During the reading George and Luna’s hands feel energy.  Luna Informs George that he is gifted with a power of attraction and from this day on and his life will be changed.  She tells him that he will be blessed with a winning number in a lottery, and that dark forces must not compromise his destiny.  She explains that proceeds from the lottery will take him on a foreign adventure of danger and intrigue which will include a leader, an army, and a beautiful woman who will try to stop him from his mission to uncover a plot to assassinate a scientist who will announce a solution for world hunger.  Luna tells George that he will now experience the awakened psychic powers and not to be alarmed, but to embrace them.

George perseveres with his new mission of international intrigue. A corporate mole seeks to undermine him while fiancée Marla is confused by the new George, in this exciting adventure where George secures his lottery winnings, foils dark forces, and marries his fiancée.


 © 2015 Koontz, Bany

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