Tattoo Zombie’s


 The possible becomes a reality in a small town whose destiny may be decided when a mysterious tattoo artist Clyde comes to town and opens a Tattoo Pallor. The isolated town in West Virginia, Yellow River is faced with evil supernatural power. Yellow River has a dark history giving way to folk tales of native Indians who were unjustly treated by local rangers and whose remains were disposed of in the river to cover up evidence. The residents are suspicious of outsiders. On a parallel Ryan and Dawn two 20-year-old renegade lovers are driven to create their own life together. They survive on the run and hide from family members and the authorities. Dawn leaves her home town and family further north and takes up residency in Yellow River. Ryan and Dawn once united hope to start a new life. Dawn’s family is enraged.  Ryan’s rebel attitude and defiance cause him to break some laws engaging in petty theft and falsifying identity documents. Ryan’s indiscretions are enough to get the authorities attention.

Our Tattoo artist Clyde, while unassuming but strange in appearance and behavior begins a search to find the location to open his Tattoo Pallor. Once he establishes the pallor he convinces the town residents especially those younger that having a tattoo adds a feeling of immortality and will cleanse the town of any negative energies. However a terrifying outcome unfolds. We find that these beautifully designed Tattoos have a side more sinister than the small community of Yellow River understands.

 After relocating to Yellow River, Dawn notices that residents of the little town have changed. A series of bazaar events and goulash attacks unfold. Dawn brave but cautious and decides to contact Ryan for help.

The source of this evil comes from a force generated by the tattoos that are imprinted on local residents. The tattoos take on there own life and possess the client creating a zombie like trance and likeness to the tattoo.

The town becomes overwhelmed by these event and believe it’s a curse generated from their unfortunate history.  In the mayhem to save the town Ryan joins Dawn and solicits Pastor George a country Minster who’s rugged background and reputation for fighting off demons and negative energies earning him the name George the Demon Slayer. His passion for the exorcism of evil and a tough John Wayne like personality seams the perfect antidote to fight off evil forces that threaten to destroy the town of Yellow River. Together with Pastor George, Dawn and Ryan fight off Zombie like residents, Clyde and the evil curse that haunts the town.  A wild and surreal parody unfolds, in a super hero like action story supporting the battle of good and evil.

By Michael Koontz

© Registered 2016