Red Space


Our story begins with a series of events that unfold throughout the world, beginning in a small tribal village near the Amazon River in Brazil.  The outbreak results in a researcher summoned from the International Disease Control Headquarters in Brazil.  Julian Marco travels to the village to find that the incident, considered an epidemic of some unknown origin, is resulting in the death of the village population with symptoms of dehydration.  Data collected at the site is forwarded to the Harvard Department of Environmental Studies.  Dr. Audrey Thompson is the department head, and the foremost expert on ecological crises and water resources.

While the data is being analyzed, additional events throughout the world begin to surface.  A farmer in France finds that his livestock and farmhands are falling ill to the same symptoms. We are transported to the Himalayas and observe a Tibetan community experiencing a similar phenomenon but at a greater rate.  Other occurrences are surfacing throughout the U.S. and internationally.

The Executive Branch of the United States has requested a meeting, which includes major departments departments of government that are briefed  on outbreak.  The President summons Dr. Thompson, and a group of scientists for an emergency meeting at the White House.  Following the meeting, the President addresses the nation.

The result of the outbreak has resulted in emergency events throughout the U.S. and the world.  The U.S. Armed Forces and emergency medical personnel have been sent to provide support for the general population.

It has been determined that the Earth has experienced an environmental catastrophe triggered by years of   extreme change in its atmosphere,  shifting of gravitational forces and a virus from outer space that has found its way on to  Earth's surface.  The result is a mutation in structure of Earth’s water supply.  The symptom is dehydration and death, threatening the existence of life on the planet.

The solution to the crisis is found on Mars. The U.S., Great Britain, Russia, and China have assembled scientist astronutes   that have traveled to Mars as part of a joint research mission. However they are now directed to change the mission to land on Mars and retrieve a super molucule in the hope to restore Earths water supply and evert an enviormental catastroph. The mission is time sensitive, dangerous and represents Earth’s final chance to resolve the crisis.

During the voyage, a saboteur is discovered. He is delusional and a end of days zelet covering up his intension to sabotage the mission and placing Earths survival at risk. The mission turns into a voyage of life and death.

Once the crew arrives on Mars the astronauts investigate the region identified as the location of the solution for Earth’s survival.  In the final moments of the astronutes journey an encounter with an extra terrestrial reveals the answers to their immediate crisis and warns of future catastrophes that may not be averted if the people of Earth do not change.   

The astronauts transmit to Earth  the solution to the Earth’s crisis, and with a greater message for the citizens of the world.


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