A Planet Brooklyn


 The story is about two worlds in the universe that collide in a place called Brooklyn.

On a typical October evening in Brooklyn, two elderly ladies returning home from grocery shopping discussing their day’s events observe what they believe is a flying saucer. They lament on the prospect of being visited by people from another world, “Where else but in Brooklyn!”

Harvey Tricksler’s ambition is to write a successful screenplay, while working in the Tricksler family jewelry business.  Harvey struggles to find himself and a way out of Brooklyn.  He enrolls in travel agency school hoping that it will give him an opportunity to tour the world and inspire his writing. He continues and struggles in writing his first screenplay while collaborating with his friend Melissa.  Little does he know a true-life adventure will begin to unfold in his backyard of Brooklyn.  Harvey is about to encounter a visitor from another planet who will change his life and Brooklyn forever.

A spacecraft, from another planet lands at a local garage for repair. The spacecraft leaves an alien, Sab, behind. Harvey is stunned at encountering a real live alien. Harvey and Sab meet during the course of Sab’s visit and become good friends.

Sab, who awaits his return to his planet, becomes an advisor and hero to the Brooklyn community.  During Harvey and Sab’s journeys through Brooklyn Sab uses his natural powers to heal and solve a series of issues:


Saving and  healing a victim struck by a car

Rescuing a senior center from a crooked contractor

Liberating a trapped and injured dolphin

Climaxing in helping a young boy, Samuel,  from being set up by a gang and arrested

Sab befriends a young Afro-American boy, Samuel, who delivers for the Tricksler’s part time.The young boy has great potential and is guided by the Tricksler family.Samuel becomes innocently involved in a criminal activity that is arranged by his cousin Squirrel.He is arrested and falsely accused of participating in a narcotics deal.During the court hearing determining Samuel’s innocence or guilt Sab is able to reveal the truth to the jury through the use of his extra sensory powers.

These events touch the heart of the community.  Sab’s natural ability is to feel rather than to think. He begins to discover that he is now able to express emotions.  Harvey marvels at Sab’s extraterrestrial abilities. He hopes they may be the answer to changing his own life. In the end lessons are learned by both.  Sab returns to his planet enlightened by his experiences in Brooklyn.

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Koontz, Barbier and Bany