SurfTeam HBX LLC writing for a new generation

Surf Team HBX is a creative writing service whose primary focus is the development of screenplays that

communicate the elements of adventure, drama, and romance as influenced by the forces of life.

We take an original approach to our story themes  and concepts. Our  screenplays have characters that are easily identified with leaving the audience inspired to follow the story from start to finish, as though you are living in the

story line yourself. Our unique writing style is generated from our intention  to create a story that projects you

on the adventure of self discovery. Surf Team's intuitive writing skills will keep the audience engaged and inspired.

Our group of professionals are experienced in Art Direction, Conceptual Writing, Education, and Technical Application.

Their creative skills are a formula for success in storytelling, character development, scene development and writing originality.

Our screenplays translate into inspiring productions.

Surf Team HBX professionals are also available for your writing projects in the areas of creative development and editing. With your collaboration we can craft a story, screenplay or series. We are available to review your literary projects and  create and write them to completion. Please contact Surf Team HBX adive at 201-233-4700 or e-mail us at our e-mail address  or   Mike Koontz

                   "Inspiration is a  gift, it brings dreams to reality"



Surf Team HBX  recent plays are now accepting solicitations for production of the following projects.

Divine Interest

A Planet Brooklyn

Just Physic

Red Space

Tattoo Zombies

Sara's Christmas Promise

‚Äč3 DAYS Lincoln ~ Booth (new project)


Michael Koontz / Screenwriter                                                     Mireille Bany / Screenwriter                                          Catherine Barbier / Screenwriter

 Marketing and Presentation                                                                         Editing                                                                                Co-Writer



                                               Representation                                                               Peter Maliupos AV.

                                                          Santangelo & Rodriguez, P.C.                                                  Technical Advisor

                                                                White Plains, New York