Divine Interest is the story and the transformation of Max Topik, a well meaning bank clerk who experiences a supernatural encounter with the spirit of Andrew. Through an adventurous variety of encounters and experiences Max saves an orphanage and finds happiness.

Max is chosen to represent the Sullivan Bank at a Banking Ethics Conference in Las Vegas. He meets and confronts Barnard Malinkov an associate of Jeffrey Grandice, Chairman of the Board of the Sullivan Bank. In Vegas he encounters Noah and rescues him from a car accident. In his past, Noah was given a stone and was transformed by Andrew, a supernatural spirit. Noah passes on the stone and advises Max to bring the stone to the desert and bury it beneath the statue of Andrew.


Max befriends a small dog he names Moto, and together they head into the desert. Arriving at the statue Moto digs the stone under the statue and both wait. Nothing happens. Frustrated Max kicks the statue and hears a disembodied voice, “Patience Max, we just met.” Max stares as a wave of light erupts from beneath the statue. He is forced back by the glowing stone hurled at him. Max catches it and asks, “What now?” A voice rumbles, “Go back to your hotel. Don’t ask questions.” Max perplexed goes back to the hotel.

Max wanders into the hotel casino influenced by his experience and wins big at craps. He encounters a stunning Russian woman, Jasmine, who ends up in his hotel room. Jasmine’s Russian gangster boyfriend and a pair of Russian thugs confront Max. Max, threatened calls for Andrew. Max feels Andrew’s presence. Andrew speaks to him, “Tell him who I am.” Max describes Andrew as The Messenger. Andrew’s power transforms the Russians. They leave Max as friends.

Max returns to Baltimore. He reports to Mr. Bradley, the Bank Manager. He describes his trip to Vegas, including his encounter with Andrew. A series of supernatural events unfold and Max is promoted to Loan Officer. Max gets loans for businesses that would never have been approved. Max continues with growing confidence that he is changing. He expands his experiences with his newfound energy. This force ascends over everything and a series of supernatural events unfold.

 While Max is evolving, there is trouble in the bank. Jeffrey Grandice, cold and cunning, owns 49% of the Sullivan Bank stock. Grandice with the help of the corrupt Bank Board of Trustees has planned to take over the bank. He intends to close the Sullivan orphanage and steal the deed to the orphanage’s land. He covers up fraudulent acts and is assisted by his cohort Barnard Malinkov.

Grandice sends Mr. Robinson, the Bank President, a letter informing him of his plans. Robinson discusses the news with the Bank Manager, Mr. Bradley, and Rachel Clark. Rachel shares the conversation with Max. The climax begins with Grandice and Malinkov, dressed in drag, attending the annual bank Halloween party in the hopes of stealing the deed to the orphanage. The story continues

•     Max’s hands glowing

•     Max fights and mystically disappears

•     Chase on Lamborghini and motorcycle

•     Moses type and parting of the street

•     Survivalists

Grandice and Malinkov are pursued by police and a bear, in a madcap chase through the woods. The story culminates with the orphanage being saved. Max and Rachel find happiness together. Max is celebrated for his accomplishments and saving the orphanage. The divine interest with Max continues. He turns and passes the power and stone to a young girl seated behind him at an awards ceremony in his honor.                                                                                                              

© 2013, Koontz, Barbier, Bany