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Our latest  screenplay Red Space is a syfy adventure.  An amazing story based on  Earth's survival, threatened by  a acatastrophic environmental  change. The solution to Earth's survival is found on the Red Planet Mar's .  Even more, a message warns of greater dangers as a result of  human intentions to planet Earth. This story  is a  spectacular  with an intriguing sub-plot .  It's sure to keep you on edge with an exciting climax.

 RED SPACE   (C) 2015

A Planet Brooklyn

A visitor from another planet, temporarily marooned on Earth, becomes involved with the people of Brooklyn.He helps a young man avoid a conviction. He changes their lives forever.


In a comedy with romance, a bank clerk Max, is metaphysically transformed, saves his bank, and foils an evil plot to  eliminate an orphanage.

just psychic

In an adventure with humor George O'Malley's newly revealed psychic powers, ultimately seeks to prevent the assassination of a scientist who discovers the solution to world hunger,


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