A young couple fight off a Zombie attack in a small town in West Virginia.The zombies origin comes from a evil tattoo artist who infects his unknowing victims by tattooing them. The young couple with help of a powerful country minister who is skilled in slaying demons,  challenge the dark forces in an epic battle between good and evil.The story with a horror theme is influenced with humor and romance.

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A Planet Brooklyn

A visitor from another planet, temporarily marooned on Earth, becomes involved with the people of Brooklyn.He helps a young man avoid a conviction. He changes their lives forever.


In a comedy with romance, a bank clerk Max, is metaphysically transformed, saves his bank, and foils an evil plot to  eliminate an orphanage.

Screenplay and Story by MikeKoontz

 A warm Christmas story inspired by Love, Challenge and Happiness.

Screenplay Treatment By Michael Koontz and Mireille Bany (c) 2017

Sara's Christmas Promise

just psychic

In an adventure with humor George O'Malley's newly revealed psychic powers, ultimately seeks to prevent the assassination of a scientist who discovers the solution to world hunger,

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NASA advised Surf Team on RED SPACE with researching technical information used in the screenplay development.and we thank them for their help and input in making RED SPACE more realistic. 


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Three  More of Our Coming Attractions

Tucked away in bucolic valley of Parson’s Creek, Rhode Island is the small town of Amber. Founder of the Amber Day Care Center, is Cheryl McCann. Cheryl is dedicated to the Community and the children of Amber. After finally securing a building for the center, she finds herself battling a businessman who is trying to acquire the property the Center is located on. The Businessman wants to build a supermarket and needs the property for parking. This year is especially important because a child Sara Clark who has just returned from the hospital with heart ailment is recovering. Cheryl promises Sara that she will be a part of the Christmas play this year. The story is filled Christmas hope and holiday fun.  A romance unfolds between Cheryl and a new Lawyer in town Jason Blake who helps Cheryl overcome the threat to The Day Care Center. The story continues to a climax with the Day Care Center secure from closing and Sara Clark realizing her Promise to be a part of the Christmas play.  A heartwarming story with romance and inspiration. Sure to be a holiday hit!

Mike Koontz.


created for inspiring




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Screenwriting For A New Generation

Our latest  screenplay Red Space is a syfy adventure.  An amazing story based on  Earth's survival, threatened by  a catastrophic environmental  change. The solution to Earth's survival is found on the Red Planet Mar's .  Even more, a message warns of greater dangers as a result of  human intentions to planet Earth. This story  is a  spectacular  with an intriguing sub-plot .  It's sure to keep you on edge with an exciting climax.

 RED SPACE   (C) 2015